Athletics at WCDS

Building a strong mind and a strong body go hand in hand. Children are introduced to our physical education program in nursery-3 and from kindergarten on have this class at least three times a week. Developing motor skills, cooperative games, a life-long appreciation for fitness, and having fun are the main components of our program.

As the students get older, more advanced skills for individual sports are introduced and when a student enters the fifth grade they are able to compete on an interscholastic level. In the fall there is field hockey and soccer, basketball for both boys and girls during the winter months, and lacrosse and softball in the spring.

Our policy is that whoever wants to try out for a team will earn a spot, whether it is on the varsity or junior varsity. We feel that a team sport at this level should be a rewarding and fun experience with the emphasis on being a team member and sportsmanship.

At Woodland there are two teams, the Whites and the Blues, and throughout the year competitions go on between them. These are not just athletic events, but spelling bees, collecting box tops and other zany events, which allow a student to earn points for his or her team. The end of the year culmination is on Field Day when the two teams compete to see who the overall winner will be. This is always a fun day as the spectators cheer on the teams especially during the last event the tug of war.






Travel Directions to Away Games
**Please note that all directions are from WCDS**



Turn RIGHT out of the WCDS parking lot.
Follow Roadstown Rd. until the end.
Turn LEFT onto Rt. 607
Turn RIGHT onto Rt. 49
Follow Rt. 49 through Bridgeton
School is on the LEFT past the intersection of Rts. 49 & 553


Turn RIGHT onto Roadstown Rd.
Turn RIGHT at blinking right.
Turn LEFT at the end of the road.
Follow around bend, school is on RIGHT.

Hopewell Crest

Turn RIGHT onto Roadstown Road and continue for approx. 5.2 miles
Turn LEFT onto Barret’s Run Road
Cross over Rt. 49
Turn RIGHT onto Shoemaker Rd.
School is approx. ½ mile on right, fields are in back of the school.

Mullica Hill Friends

Follow Rt, 77 into Mullica Hill
Continue past the Rt. 45 intersection
Turn LEFT onto High St.
School is on LEFT, fields are in back of the school

Myron L. Powell

Turn RIGHT out of the WCDS parking lot.
Follow Roadstown Road until the end.
Turn LEFT onto Rt. 607
Turn RIGHT onto Rt. 49 (W. Broad St.)
Turn RIGHT onto S. Pearl St. (RT. 77)
Continue on Rt. 609 past Cohanzick CC.
Turn RIGHT onto Rt. 553 S.
Follow Rt. 553 S into Cedarville.
Continue past MLP.
Turn LEFT onto East St.
Fields are on RIGHT across from the school.


Turn LEFT out of the WCDS parking lot.
Turn RIGHT onto Jericho Rd.
Cross overr RT. 49
Turn RIGHT onto Rt. 540
Continue on Rt. 540 to the intersection with Rt. 77
Turn RIGHT onto Rt. 77
Follow Rt. 77 into Upper Deerfield
Woodruff School is on the LEFT
Fields are behind the school

Stow Creek

Turn RIGHT onto Roadstown Rd.
Make the first RIGHT
Follow around bend
School is on the RIGHT
Fields are adjacent to school.

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