Lower School

Lower School – First Grade through Fourth Grade 

The lower school at Woodland Country Day School teaches first grade through fourth grade in a safe, nurturing, learning environment.  Beginning in the first grade our teachers instill a strong work ethic, encouraging our children to become responsible for themselves and their actions.  Academics, music, art, and technology are at the forefront of our program, as well as manners and socialization.  These ideals are built upon through the fourth grade in order to prepare our students for Woodland’s upper school challenges.

Beginning with first grade, the lower school offers a traditional academic program with an emphasis on language. Students are given a solid foundation in basic skills that supports higher levels of abstract thinking. The language experience approach provides endless opportunity for primary grade teachers to integrate reading, writing, and oral language. Selections represent basic subjects: language and literature, science and nature, history and geography, and art and music. Children enjoy reading all the different genres including Aesop’s Fables, Greek myths, nonsense verse, folk tales, fantasy, biographies, fiction, African tales, classics, and much more all in an effort to introduce the students to all aspects of literature.

The Open Court language curriculum is based on an intensive phonics system which provides strong word-attack skills. Self correction and positive evaluation play an important role. The main purposes of this program are: (1) to teach children to read, write and communicate independently; (2) to acquaint children with outstanding literary selections; and (3) to give cognitive benefits when reading and language arts are truly correlated.

Our students learn cursive handwriting in second grade, as penmanship is a foundation in our program of study.   Foreign language introduction begins with Spanish in Prekindergarten through Third Grade.  In fourth grade our students will take a full year of conversational and written Spanish until they graduate.  Most of our students go on to excel in honors Spanish at the high school level.

Our lower school teachers work well as a team so that there is a smooth transition from grade to grade.   Children may enter the lower school bright eyed and wondering, but they leave as confident youngsters ready for our upper school program and so much more!

Lower School Objectives for Each Student are:

  • To grow their self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • To develop a love of learning.
  • To build an excellent academic foundation and study habits.
  • To advance self-discipline.
  • To act with manners and respect for others.

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