Accredited by the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools and the Middle States Association of Elementary Schools



Why Woodland?

Woodland was the first independent elementary school in South Jersey to be accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in 1984 and re-accredited every ten years.  In celebration of Woodland’s academic excellence, the school’s current accreditation process, which culminated in April of 2015, found Headmaster Terrigno and his dedicated Board, faculty, and staff successfully pursuing dual accreditation with both Middle States and the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools. This dual accreditation was the first in the school's history.

With our low student-to-teacher ratio and the commitment of our entire staff and administrators, Woodland creates the ideal environment for prekindergarten and elementary students to aspire to their highest levels of achievement.

With a rigorous emphasis on fundamental skills, the meaningful use of technology, encouragement through athletics, and the fostering of creativity through our drama, music and arts programs, Woodland offers students a well-rounded basis for long term success.  We are more than testing, as Woodland’s proven leadership and dedicated faculty and staff take into account all things that make a child whole.

Woodland’s goal has always been to create the best possible environment for the intellectual, social, physical and moral growth of our students.

Parents who send their children to Woodland offer a few reasons for choosing Woodland:

  • Woodland is a safe environment.  They keep their class size small and each teacher knows his/her students as individuals;
  • Woodland provides academic rigor and challenging course work;
  • Woodland’s teachers are excellent and committed to their students, to us as parents, and their own profession growth;
  • Woodland is such a close-knit community.  I would be comfortable with my children going home with any Woodland parent.  They all know my children;
  • Woodland sets high expectations for the success and the moral and social responsibility of all students.
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