The Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Woodland Country Day School is governed by a dedicated Board of Trustees, whose primary duty is to define policy and provide overarching governance to the school. While the board does support the Headmaster as well as evaluate the current performance of the head, the board is also involved in long range planning for the future of the school, but does not govern day-to-day operations.

Some functions the Board performs include (but are not limited to):

  • Strategic planning for the future
  • Policy development
  • Hiring Headmaster and CFO
  • Approving annual budget
  • Overseeing financial diligence
  • Setting tuition and compensation
  • Supporting school in meeting its mission

The Board of Trustees meets monthly during the school year, except in March. Summer meetings are held to address timely issues, when warranted.  They donate hours of time, financial resources, and professional expertise to advance our mission.

Executive Committee

  • Mr. Gray Achee, President
  • Mr. Matthew Ritter, Vice President
  • Mrs. Carolyn King-Sammons, Treasurer
  • Mrs. Cynthia Richardson, Secretary
  • Mr. Cosmo Terrigno, Headmaster


Woodland Board of Trustees

Mr. R. Gray Achee

  • President and CEO, Seabrook Housing Corporation in Bridgeton
  • Parent of Alumni 1984, 1988, 1996, 1997

Dr. Sean Bidic, MD, MFA, FAAP, FACS

  • Surgeon, American Surgical Arts, PC
  • Parent of Alumnus 2015

Mrs. Kim Fralinger

  • Alumnus
  • Parent of Alumni 1998, 2001, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2011

Mrs. Carolyn King-Sammons

  • Owner, Dominion Title
  • Parent of Alumnus 2011

Mrs. Anna Davis

  • VP Development, New York Life
  • Current Woodland Parent

Mr. Jeffrey Lowe

  • Bookkeeper
  • Current Parent of Two Woodland Students

Mrs. Abby Perlstein O’Brien

  • Architect / Sales Executive at County Line Nurseries, Inc
  • Alumnus 1993
  • Current Woodland Parent

Mr. Ryan Overdevest

  • Overdevest Nurseries
  • Alumnus 1999

Mr. David Rain

  • President and CEO, Paramount International Inc.
  • Parent of Alumnus 2014
  • Immediate Past President

Mrs. Cynthia Richardson

  • TD Bank VP, Operational Risk Management
  • Parent of Alumni 2010, 2015

Mr. Matthew Ritter

  • Attorney and Partner, The Ritter Law Office, LLC
  • Alumnus 1991
  • Current Woodland Parent

Mrs. LouAnn Seabrook

  • Parents’ Association President
  • Parent of Alumni  1997, 2013
  • Current Woodland Grandparent

Mrs. Amy Sheldon

  • Parents’ Association Vice-President
  • Current Parent of Three Woodland Students

Dr. Michael Villani, MD

  • Radiologist, Regional Diagnostic Imaging
  • President ProTem
  • Parent of Alumni 2012, 2015
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