Upper School

Upper School – Fifth Grade through Eighth Grade

Our upper school builds the skills and attitudes that are vital to our students’ success “beyond Woodland’s Walls.”

Between fifth and eighth grades our students learn science, geography, history, mathematics, scientific math, reading, English, Spanish and Latin. They gain skills in reading, composition, technology, art, music, drama, and physical education. Their creativity and curiosity are encouraged and expanded. The study skills, organizational skills, and research techniques (both MLA and APA formats) that they develop at Woodland continue to benefit them in high school and college. We always say, “College prep begins well before ninth grade.”

Of course there’s more to growing up than studying, and the maturing Woodland student finds other responsibilities and opportunities as well. Citizenship and values are nurtured through a weekly advisor program. Many opportunities for leadership exist on sports teams, Student Union, and the National Junior Honor Society.  While eighth grade class officers guide the planning of fundraisers and service projects, every eighth grader serves as a mentor to a kindergarten student through the school’s Big Brother and Sister Program.

A Woodland graduate is a person who has grown both academically and socially and is prepared for success in high school, college, and beyond.


Upper School Curriculum


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